Dr. Paritosh Joshi

Dr. Paritosh Joshi

Group CEO | Amandeep Healthcare Pvt Ltd - Amritsar, Punjab

He is the Group CEO of Amandeep Healthcare Pvt Ltd in Amritsar, Punjab. He is a seasoned healthcare professional with a remarkable skill set that spans cost optimization, sustainability, acquisitions, mergers, project management, P&L and EBITDA management, and strategic financial planning.

His extensive expertise doesn't stop there. He is known for his proficiency in quality assurance, talent acquisition, and business development. He has played key roles in HR, administration, corporate relations, PR, TPAs, brand promotion, policy development, and strategic planning.

He is a maestro in team creation, target setting, and strategy planning, which has driven remarkable achievements throughout his career.

His impressive list of accomplishments includes the launch of essential departments, DNB Accreditation, and being recognized with prestigious healthcare excellence awards.