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The AHMP (Association of Healthcare Marketing Professionals) India Foundation is an organization focused on addressing the challenges and filling the knowledge gaps in the field of healthcare marketing in India.

Dive into the dynamic world of healthcare [Hospital] marketing with our Certificate Program in Healthcare Marketing (CPHM-03). Designed to equip professionals with the tools and insights needed to thrive in this competitive field, this two-day intensive workshop offers practical knowledge, strategic insights and more..

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Headquartered in gujarat, AHMP India Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation with a mission to “Inspire, innovate, transform” our dedication extends to elevating the standards and practices in healthcare.

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The groundbreaking event in the history

Healthcare Marketing Maestros Awards 2024

We hosted an exciting event and proud of the groundbreaking event in the history of healthcare marketing in India – the inaugural 'Healthcare Marketing Maestros Awards' in Chennai!

An Initiative by AHMP India Foundation

On January 13th, the AHMP India Foundation proudly inaugurates "Healthcare Marketing Professionals Day," a day specifically set aside to honour the exceptional group of individuals whose expertise and efforts are fundamental to the healthcare industry's growth and patient care enhancement. This day is a profound acknowledgement of the vital role these professionals play—not only as communicators of health information but as essential bridges connecting healthcare providers with the communities they serve.

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