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To transform, you don’t need to do big things, Just do small things in a different way.

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Transformation will follow you

The core idea is to transform your employees into brand ambassadors to present your brand in the best possible light.

Employees are the brand ambassador for any company ! Educating them about the positive attitudes about the company empowers them to be more effective brand ambassadors. They should be proud representing the company, the aim is to have every employee thrilled about working for the company and instill a sense of pride.

It’s like providing them holistic makeover – There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the approach to building branding will vary depending on the organization’s industry, size, and culture. It may start from developing a strong mission and values statement, creating a compelling vision for the future, developing engaging marketing materials (including a website, social media profiles, and recruitment videos), and hosting events and job fairs that allow potential employees to meet current employees and learn more about the company.

Additionally, it is important to maintain a consistent brand identity across all marketing materials, and to continuously update and improve the employee – employer branding strategy in order to stay ahead of the competition

Defining a tagline ! Educate your employees about your brand

Technology has caused a monumental shift in influence. In the current economy, corporations have turned to employee branding to help build consumer trust and bring the home top talent.

Before they can represent your company, they must first learn who / what the brand is, what it stands for, its values, and how to convey all of this through frontline interaction.
A strategic brand comprises several aspects, including the purpose, vision, values, positioning, character, tone of voice, language, message, and narrative.

We defined a tagline under the organization name to have brand recall value.

Sharing is Caring

It can make the organization more appealing to job seekers and allow you to keep existing employees who share the company’s culture and values. Employee Referral schemes.

The Long term benefits could be:

  1. Improved employee retention ratio
  2. Organization attracts better talent
  3. Enhanced employee Productivity

Walk the talk

Understanding the employees’ work dimensions and solving their challenges.. We moved from traditional uniform to tshirt and jeans branding our institute.. The result was better and 100% adherence to discipline measures with a smile ☺

Create a sense of belonging

Company culture often emanates from the top. Getting leadership on board is an excellent way to accelerate workplace diversity, equality, and inclusion.

Therefore, if managers preach and prioritize creating a safe and inviting environment for all workers and then model this conduct for their employees, team members are more likely to follow suit.

Leaders should try to assist all workers in addition to serving as an advocate for managers.

Connect the power of social media

The digital era has allowed any person to be accessible by anyone and anywhere in the world. That’s how one person can have more influence on consumer trust than an entire organization.

This is not a possibility but a reality.

Employee advocacy, or social media in the workplace, is a potent tactic that boosts the efficacy of employee branding.

Encouraging workers to interact, create, and communicate about their work, it not only makes employees feel trusted and enthusiastic, but it may also benefit their colleagues.

What’s more, these social posts attract the best talent and motivate workers’ networks to apply for new opportunities.

Using social media channels at work may also influence marketing and sales.

We created our own AR filter for posts, messages etc.

Employee Engagement And ProActive Workforce

Employee branding works best when your employees are motivated and are proud of your brand. It’s hard to implement great employee branding when your employees hate working for you.

Create an atmosphere where employees feel like being an integral part of the organization and have the desire to uplift the brand image by sharing your messages.

Launch employee engagement programs to make sure your employees stay motivated and satisfied in your organization.

Employee engagement programs not only encourage your employees to partake in employee branding but also reduces attrition and promotes productivity.

Brand messages are more likely to be shared by engaged employees than disengaged ones. On top of that, the ideas and message will come off as genuine and not your run of the mill branding campaign slogans.

We have initiated talk to HR time slot, Leadership Lunch and My family workshops as a part of Employee Engagement.. It’s like “by them for them with them”

The other side of the Coin

Maintaining a Balance

Companies should be aware of not sending out the wrong message when it comes to employee branding to avoid disappointing their workforce in the future. Companies should be honest when it comes to their values, rules and work atmosphere in order to avoid any discrepancies between what their staff expect and the reality scenario.

It’s essential that employees are able to voice any worries or issues they may have. Companies should make sure that the right channels and forums are available for them to express these concerns, so they don’t feel like their voices are being ignored.

In conclusion, employer branding is essential in today’s world for attracting and retaining talent, building a positive image, and creating an emotional connection with employees. Companies that prioritize employer branding have a competitive edge, and a strong employee branding narrative can aid employee retention and help lower attrition rates. By evaluating their current positioning, establishing a unique value proposition, and educating employees, companies can build a strong employer brand that resonates with their employees and attracts potential hires.


Ekta Modi

Chief Operating Officer

Parul Sevashram Hospital, Vadodara

Foundation Member – AHMP India Foundation