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Healthcare Marketing Maestros Awards 2024

We hosted an exciting event and proud of the groundbreaking event in the history of healthcare marketing in India – the inaugural 'Healthcare Marketing Maestros Awards' in Chennai!

Event happened at AHMP Con 2024 - Chennai Edition

Award Categories

Here's the name of the winners!

Innovator of the Year

For the professional who has introduced groundbreaking marketing strategies in healthcare.

Best Digital Marketing Campaign

Recognizing outstanding digital marketing initiatives that have significantly impacted patient engagement.

Outstanding Brand Development

For the team or individual who has significantly enhanced a healthcare brand's presence and reputation.

Excellence in Patient Communication

Honouring exceptional efforts incommunicating effectively with patients, improving their experience and satisfaction.

Creative Campaign of the Year

Awarding a marketing campaign that demonstrated exceptional creativity and originality.

Leadership in Healthcare Marketing

Recognizing a senior marketing professional who has shown outstanding leadership and mentorship in the field.

Best Use of Data & Analytics

For the professional or team that has effectively utilized data analytics to drive marketing strategies and business decisions.

Community Impact Award

Honouring a campaign or initiative that has significantly contributed to community health and wellness.

Rising Star in Healthcare Marketing

Awarded to a promising newcomer in the healthcare marketing field who has shown exceptional talent and potential.

Sustainable Marketing Initiative

Recognizing a marketing campaign that has effectively integrated sustainability and ethical practices.

And that's just the start!

In addition to a range of categories celebrating various aspects of healthcare marketing, we are also introducing two prestigious awards...

Something tougher?

Here's some taste of greatness

Take a look at these two most important categories!

Lifetime Achievement Award in Healthcare Marketing

This award honours an individual whose long-term contributions have significantly shaped healthcare marketing in India.

Excellence in Healthcare Marketing Education Award

Recognizing a leader in education and mentorship, this award is dedicated to an individual who has made substantial contributions to nurturing the future talents of healthcare marketing.