Urvik Patel

Urvik Patel

Group CEO | Sunflower Womens Hospital-Ahmedabad

With over 9 years of CEO experience, he is a results-driven leader known for transforming businesses. His visionary leadership, business acumen and exceptional communication make him a healthcare industry standout. Aslo Expert in accelerate Infertility industry. He excels in creating compelling presentations that instill faith among patients by highlighting the hospital's high-quality services and standards. His decision-making prowess, negotiation skills, and exceptional communication are noteworthy.

He oversees multiple branches and a 200-strong team, setting high service standards and elevating the hospital's brand. His ability to synchronize healthcare objectives across different centers has resulted in exceptional service standards and the elevation of the hospital's brand.

His mission is to inspire and develop individuals and align them with organizational goals. His visionary approach ensures the organization's present and future success.